About Dayton Kingery


A graduate of the London School of Economics and Political Science Summer School Programme, Dayton Kingery is working toward a private pilot license at a New York State flight school. Since beginning the process in 2018, he has completed nearly 40 hours of training on a Cirrus SR20 airplane. Dayton Kingery’s training has included three solo flights.

Mr. Kingery also maintains Busybodies365.com, a website for kiteboarding enthusiasts inspired by his passion for the sport. Since learning to swim at age 3, he has loved the ocean, and he enjoys the unique ability of kiteboarding to blend both relaxation and excitement. With BusyBodies365, he hopes to educate the public about kiteboarding and help other enthusiasts connect. Additionally, he enjoys skiing, mountain biking, golfing, and scuba diving in his free time.

Mr. Kingery volunteered with Inspirica in Connecticut for several weeks, working with children at the homeless shelter’s youth center. He also has volunteered for Mainsprings in Tanzania, East Africa.